1 day ago

Back to Walgreen's and Rite-Aid it is.

The Defense Health Agency announced that CVS no longer will be a Tricare retail pharmacy provider.

1 day ago
Hundreds Attend Funeral for Homeless Vet They Didn't Know

Hundreds of people packed a Wyoming chapel on Tuesday to mourn a homeless U.S. Navy veteran who died where he was a stranger.

1 day ago
One Marine paid ‘the ultimate price.’ Another stole his story to get VA benefits and a free home. - In Military

I hope he gets all 21 years and 20 minutes alone with the two marines of the true heroes sister!

Brandon Blackstone looked at the camera and told the story he'd recited many times before.

2 days ago
Pledge not to text and drive

No text is worth your life. Hear stories of survivors and pledge not to text and drive.

3 days ago
Navy: Iranian Vessel Aims Weapon at Norfolk-based Helicopter

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps vessel trained a weapon on a Navy helicopter in the Strait of Hormuz, the Navy said.

6 days ago
How President Trump Can Fix Veterans' Benefits Once And For All

President Trump can distinguish himself from other presidents by working with Congress to create a system of veterans benefits that fixes its problems automatically.

1 week ago
New Zumwalt Breaks Down During Pacific Transit

Lol. Well things happen I guess. 4 billion for something that has now broken down twice.

The Navy's new $4 billion warship is in Panama for repairs after suffering a breakdown while passing through the Panama Canal.

1 week ago
The commander of this Navy warship just walked off the job

That's something you don't hear everyday

The commanding officer of a dock landing ship did something on Monday that none of her enlisted or officers could do without severe repercussions.

1 week ago
DoD Releases Plan to Allow Personnel to Carry Firearms on Base

What are your thoughts?

The DoD recently released guidance that allows U.S. military personnel to carry privately owned, concealed firearms on base.

2 weeks ago
Veterans! Ready to be tobacco free? VA can help. - VAntage Point


As soon as you stop using tobacco, the benefits begin. If you're ready to be tobacco free, your VA health care team can help.

2 weeks ago
Veteran hopes to help others exposed to Agent Orange - In Military

Larry Kerr is an unassuming 69-year-old Syracuse resident who doesn't particularly like attention, but he doesn't mind if his story serves as a microcosm for what he calls the "thousands and ... See more

2 weeks ago
LA To Turn Old Motels, Hospitals Into 500 Apartments For Homeless Vets

Sounds like a good idea. I hope it works.

This comes after the city missed its deadline to end the issue.

2 weeks ago
Marines to Get More Durable Flame-Resistant Cammies - Kit Up!

Marines will soon be issued new fire-resistant utility blouses and pants made from material twice as durable as what they currently use. The uniform pieces, part...

2 weeks ago
Congress Backs Bill Requiring Timely Answers at VA Hotline

But will it really get fixed? I hope so!

The Department of Veterans Affairs would have to ensure that all calls received by a hotline are answered in a timely manner.

2 weeks ago
A combat veteran with PTSD wasn’t allowed to fly with her service dog. So she sued.

I hope they fire some people!

Lisa McCombs' lawsuit described a two-day ordeal in which she was repeatedly humiliated and harassed by American Airlines representatives.

2 weeks ago
Sailors rallied to overturn the Navy's unpopular ratings decision. Here's how the White House responded.

Boo! I don't agree but I digress .

An official response from the White House regarding a sailor petition to overturn the elimination of ratings:

2 weeks ago
UPDATE: Woman charged after stomping on the American flag

I hope they throw the book at her.

A witness told deputies they watched Emily Arianna Warren remove the United States and Tennessee flags, put them on the ground, and start stomping on them.

2 weeks ago
Conservative think tank breaks with Trump in describing Russian threat - In Military

You never know what to believe. Either way it's scary.

A conservative Washington think tank that has several officials working on President-elect Donald Trump's transition has broken with him on how it views Russia, saying in a new report that the threat ... See more

2 weeks ago
Never Mind Closing Guantanamo, Trump Might Make It Bigger

President Obama is running out of time to fulfill his promise to shutter the prison at the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay.

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